Acrylic base for handicrafts

Fund matte white, thick consistency, used to prepare parts before painting, ready to receive the paint. Ready to use, ofecer excellent adhesion. Soluble in water. Suitable for preparing surfaces to be painted, such as paintings and handicrafts. Displays white matte finish and can be sanded after drying, which is fast, in about 30 minutes. Water soluble and non-toxic, can be used pure or diluted. It can be applied with brush, sponge or foam roller on wood, plaster, ceramic, metal, fabric, cork, leather and other previously tested materials. It can be used to paint plaster crafts, ceramics, wood, leather, cork, straw, wicker, etc.. It provides a better finish and economy of products that will be applied later. Product with great covering power and nontoxic. Used to prepare surfaces and waterproof preceding the final painting. (sources: Acrilex, Corfix, Gato Preto e True Colors)

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