Acrylic base for handicrafts

Fund matte white, thick consistency, used to prepare parts before painting, ready to receive the paint. Ready to use, ofecer excellent adhesion. Soluble in water. Suitable for preparing surfaces to be painted, such as paintings and handicrafts. Displays white matte finish and can be sanded after drying, which is fast, in about 30 minutes. Water soluble and non-toxic, can be used pure or diluted. It can be applied with brush, sponge or foam roller on wood, plaster, ceramic, metal, fabric, cork, leather and other previously tested materials. It can be used to paint plaster crafts, ceramics, wood, leather, cork, straw, wicker, etc.. It provides a better finish and economy of products that will be applied later. Product with great covering power and nontoxic. Used to prepare surfaces and waterproof preceding the final painting. (sources: Acrilex, Corfix, Gato Preto e True Colors)




MDF plates are made with different characteristics, which can vary depending on end use. As an example quoted, in addition to the "standard" plates, FR (fire resistant) and plaques MR (moisture resistant, which are used in outdoor environments). There are also plates of greater mechanical strength (DH), made with a larger amount of fibers and resins, which allows them to applications requiring greater resistance to bending or impact. The thicknesses of the plates vary from 3 mm to 60 mm, with the thickest used in structural or decorative elements of architecture and furniture (feet turned to the tables, for example). MDF is basically offered to the market with three finishes: raw plates, plates with low-pressure laminated flooring and plates coated finish foil. The raw plates are supplied to the user in nature so that it can be done to finish the pieces by painting, coating with PVC or hot stamping. The coated with low pressure laminate plates are produced by superimposing a sheet of special paper, impregnated with melamine resin, which is fused by pressure and temperature to the panel of MDF, resulting in a plate already finished. You can take just one side, allowing the user to machine the uncoated side and finish it with paint or PVC coating. The coated finish foil plates are produced by adding a layer of paper glued to the plate, resulting in a finished product already. This film can be printed with woodgrain patterns or colors. (source: Wikipedia)


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MDF means Medium-density fiberboard, it is a material that comes from wood and it is internationally known as MDF. Its manufacturing process occurs by agglutination of wood fibers with synthetic resins and other additives. The material is molded into flat panels under high temperature and pressure. To obtain the fibers, the wood is cut into small chips that are then crushed by an equipment called shredders. It was manufactured for the first time in the early '60s in the United States. In the mid-70s, it arrived in Europe when it came to be produced in the former German Democratic Republic, and later (1977), it was introduced into Western Europe through Spain. In Brazil, the first industry in manufacturing MDF started its production in the second half of 1997. The MDF has some consistency and mechanical properties approaching those of solid wood. Most of its physical parameters of resistance are higher than those of plywood, characterized also by having good dimensional stability and large machining capacity. The homogeneity provided by the uniform distribution of fibers enables the MDF finishes like varnish, paint or coatings in general with decorative papers, wood veneer or PVC. Junctions can also be performed with advantages over natural wood, as there is no knots, veins and imperfections reverse typical natural product. It is a material with many applications and advantageously replaces the plywood and the wood itself in many of them. There is a concern with the use of formaldehyde in the resins used in the manufacture of MDF and the health risks involved. For this reason, there are some ongoing researches to develop new less harmful resins. (source: Wikipedia)


Are MDF plates immune to termites?

This is another widespread misconception - that the reconstituted wood panels are resistant to termites. Know that no treatment is given to the MDF, the plywood or fiber to the plate to protect against termites. It turns out that these panels are pressed at high temperature, about 200°C, which kills all insects existing in the production process, including the termite. This process guarantees that the plates arrive in dealerships free of termites, but it ensures that no contamination can happen from there. But, as usually, the plates are stored in little time dealers and joinery, it is difficult to attack from termites occur in such locations. However, if the mobile is installed in an area contaminated by termites, it can be attacked. Knowing this, we recommend a local pest control to prevent the mobile is overrun. (source: Boletim do Marceneiro - Duratex - Edição: Rita Curci)



One of the biggest myths about MDF is related to its relationship with water. The MDF has some resistance to water, but he is not immune to its action. You must know that there is a difference between a plate that is wet again, even for a long period, and another who suffered wetness constant over time. The explanation of the action of water on the plate is that the wood fibers, absorbing moisture, they will swell. This happens in any type of plate - is MDF, chipboard or plywood. Moisture also promotes fungus growth, which contributes to the degradation of the panel. The furniture that are subject to any wetness, such as furniture and kitchen and bathroom, must be adequately covered all the faces and edges of furniture components. With this protection, executed correctly, water will not penetrate the piece, and it will remain intact for many years. The coating both sides of the edges as can be done in several ways if done properly and carefully. (source: Boletim do Marceneiro - Duratex - Edição: Rita Curci)


Being known worldwide and environmentally friendly, the MDF is a panel of wood fibers and homogeneous composition throughout its surface and inside. Due to its strength and stability, it is possible to get excellent quality in furniture, crafts, frames, baseboards, columns, balustrades, partitions, or ceilings. It is highlighted by the possibility of being painted or lacquered and can be cut, sanded, carved, drilled, glued, nailed, screwed, snapped, or framed. Always providing excellent finishing both with industrial equipment as with conventional woodworking tools. MDF is a product specially developed for indoor use. The product should not be exposed to the action of water or in environments with excessive moisture. The MDF is factory free of the presence of insects, since its establishment as an effective barrier to insect attack of most punches. However, being product of wood may be attacked by them. In such cases, the preventive treatment of local and other materials where the MDF is applied. (source: Boletim do Marceneiro - Duratex - Edição: Rita Curci)



We are pleased for being a member of this community created and leaded by Mrs Rosana Nabruzzi, one of the most famous artists amongst Brazilian hand craft performers.  She competes for the prize for best craftsman of 2010.



1 - Remove ink excess with a paper towel or a cotton tissue;

2 - Place the suitable solvent for the paint you used and let the brush soaked in it for a few seconds and stir to not deform the brush's hairs, bristles or filaments. Proceed always changing the solvent to a cleaner one until the paint brush does not have any ink left;

3 - Place the palm of your hand and rub the brush hairs, bristles or synthetic filament to remove any excess ink and solvent in place;

4 - Place the brush under running water and wipe the brush in a mild soap;

5 - Place the brush under running water and remove all the soap;

6 - With the brush still wet model the hair, bristle or synthetic filament, so that when dry the brush does not bend.

- When washing brushes remove excess water with your fingers and let them dry on a cloth.
- Never leave the brush with paint, because this damages the hair, bristle and synthetic filament. Depending on the paint, it dryes and it does not get out more.
- Save the brush vertically or horizontally supported by the cable.
- To preserve the shape of the brushes and to transport them, the ideal is that the brush is starched or pouches for brushes.

(source http://www.pinceistigre.com.br/pinctore/dicas_detalhe.php?id=1)



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This is the job we are using recyclable paper in a four drawer nightstand. As you can see, the result can have either a clear or a dark finish. Please tell us which one do you prefer?


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