MDF means Medium-density fiberboard, it is a material that comes from wood and it is internationally known as MDF. Its manufacturing process occurs by agglutination of wood fibers with synthetic resins and other additives. The material is molded into flat panels under high temperature and pressure. To obtain the fibers, the wood is cut into small chips that are then crushed by an equipment called shredders. It was manufactured for the first time in the early '60s in the United States. In the mid-70s, it arrived in Europe when it came to be produced in the former German Democratic Republic, and later (1977), it was introduced into Western Europe through Spain. In Brazil, the first industry in manufacturing MDF started its production in the second half of 1997. The MDF has some consistency and mechanical properties approaching those of solid wood. Most of its physical parameters of resistance are higher than those of plywood, characterized also by having good dimensional stability and large machining capacity. The homogeneity provided by the uniform distribution of fibers enables the MDF finishes like varnish, paint or coatings in general with decorative papers, wood veneer or PVC. Junctions can also be performed with advantages over natural wood, as there is no knots, veins and imperfections reverse typical natural product. It is a material with many applications and advantageously replaces the plywood and the wood itself in many of them. There is a concern with the use of formaldehyde in the resins used in the manufacture of MDF and the health risks involved. For this reason, there are some ongoing researches to develop new less harmful resins. (source: Wikipedia)

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