1 - Remove ink excess with a paper towel or a cotton tissue;

2 - Place the suitable solvent for the paint you used and let the brush soaked in it for a few seconds and stir to not deform the brush's hairs, bristles or filaments. Proceed always changing the solvent to a cleaner one until the paint brush does not have any ink left;

3 - Place the palm of your hand and rub the brush hairs, bristles or synthetic filament to remove any excess ink and solvent in place;

4 - Place the brush under running water and wipe the brush in a mild soap;

5 - Place the brush under running water and remove all the soap;

6 - With the brush still wet model the hair, bristle or synthetic filament, so that when dry the brush does not bend.

- When washing brushes remove excess water with your fingers and let them dry on a cloth.
- Never leave the brush with paint, because this damages the hair, bristle and synthetic filament. Depending on the paint, it dryes and it does not get out more.
- Save the brush vertically or horizontally supported by the cable.
- To preserve the shape of the brushes and to transport them, the ideal is that the brush is starched or pouches for brushes.

(source http://www.pinceistigre.com.br/pinctore/dicas_detalhe.php?id=1)

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