Being known worldwide and environmentally friendly, the MDF is a panel of wood fibers and homogeneous composition throughout its surface and inside. Due to its strength and stability, it is possible to get excellent quality in furniture, crafts, frames, baseboards, columns, balustrades, partitions, or ceilings. It is highlighted by the possibility of being painted or lacquered and can be cut, sanded, carved, drilled, glued, nailed, screwed, snapped, or framed. Always providing excellent finishing both with industrial equipment as with conventional woodworking tools. MDF is a product specially developed for indoor use. The product should not be exposed to the action of water or in environments with excessive moisture. The MDF is factory free of the presence of insects, since its establishment as an effective barrier to insect attack of most punches. However, being product of wood may be attacked by them. In such cases, the preventive treatment of local and other materials where the MDF is applied. (source: Boletim do Marceneiro - Duratex - Edição: Rita Curci)

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