Let's Spoil Children with flowers, trees, and mountains! by Yoonok Kim

Emily, my neighbor's Three-Years old pretty girl, visited me with her daddy yesterday when I was in my Happy garden. She told me with happy smiling, "I want flowers".

I love seeing her smiling! I love hearing her voice! She told me some more, but I did not get what she was trying to say except the word, 'dying'. Her daddy said, "Sh...e is trying to say the flowers you gave her a few days ago are dying".

I asked, "Do you want more flowers?" Emily gave me a big nod with her famous jumping dance. I gave her a bunch of small sunflowers. This pretty girl was dancing, rotating and jumping her little body. It's very amusing to see her reaction! She said," I want more". I wanted to give her the biggest sunflower because I know that she loves big flowers.

Her daddy told me, "Please don't spoil her. She will ask you more and more." I told him, "I want to spoil her with pretty flowers since I have so many flowers." When I handed her the biggest sunflower, she gave all the flowers in her little hand to her daddy and wanted to carry only the biggest. Bigger than her whole head! They left with Happy smiling, which make me happy. I like hearing her Happy giggling!

We give our Children Barbie dolls!
We give our Children cameras!
We give our Children internet!
So our Children want to be like Barbie dolls!
So our Children want to see through camera!
So our Children want to communicate through internet!

This is the time we need to change.
Let's Spoil Children with flowers, trees, and mountains!

From my Happy Garden!
(Yoonok Kim on Facebook)

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