10 Tips for Writing Emails

By Alvah Parker: "This article was written because this past week I have seen three examples of emails that were read by people other than the intended recipient. In one case an attorney published a whole email exchange between the attorney and an applicant for an associate position in her firm. It... should have embarrassed them both and was the subject of a lot of web conversation. In the other two instances I received a group email that was intended for only one person to read. One was harmless but the other made some really derogatory comments about a class that a member of the group was planning to give. The member whose class it was said that she was shocked. So was I. The sender of the email made a public apology and said in her confusion she sent the email to the list that was intended for someone not on the list. How embarrassing for everyone!" (see more at http://networkedblogs.com/881xN)
(source: Social Media a la carte on Facebook)

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