Be like a Sunflower

Our eyes are selective, we focus on "what we see and fail to see the rest.

CHOOSE THE SIDE FOCUS BETTER, MORE BEAUTIFUL, MORE VIBRANT THINGS, like a sunflower always chooses to be facing the sun!

Have you noticed how easy it is to get discouraged?

"I'm disappointed that it's raining, because I have an account to pay, because I have money or looks exactly what I like to have, because I have not been valued, because I have not found the love of my life because the person who does not want want me, because ... because ... "

Of course there are times that we are not well.

But our attitude should be to try a dish that, when possible, take the bright side of life.

In nature, we have an antenna that is so: the sunflower.

The sunflower turns to where the sun is, even though the sun is hidden behind a cloud.

We have to be, learning to highlight the good things we receive.

Learning to enlarge small positive gestures and turn them into great events.

We have to train to be sunflower, seeking the sun, vitality, strength, beauty.

Why do not we prepare to travel, not for life, which is a trip?

Appreciate the deep love that someone, at a given moment, directs you.

Enjoy a bright smile of joy to someone you like.

Enjoy a friendly word that comes to sound soothing, refreshing.

Enjoy the festivity, joy, laughter.

And when we were getting back grumpy, sad, discouraged, angry, that we remind ourselves again that we are sunflowers.

Select the best of this world, appreciate all that is beautiful and good in him and hold it inside you.


(source: Sandra Mendes on Hotmail)

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