The proud are not willing to improve because you think you do not need it.
"Who is proud to devour itself." (William Shakespeare)
Proverbs 13:10 "Pride only brings strife."
Often do not realize how pride destroys relationships, but the Bible says that pride causes at least four problems in relationships and we'll check it now:

1. Pride produces disagreements
When I think I know everything, do not need to listen more to anyone, for it created misunderstandings.
Have you ever heard someone say that love is blind? Love is not blind. Pride is who is blind.

2. Pride leads to arguments
Mohammed Ali was traveling by plane, when he was world champion boxer, heavyweight. He argued with the flight attendant because she asked him to tighten the belt. He said, "Superman do not need a belt". So the stewardess said, "But Superman needs no airplane."
Pride has caused intrigue in the family of David, Joseph
Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18

3. Pride prevents intimacy
You can not be intimate with a person proud. They build walls around them.
The fear that you know who I am and so I reject prevented me from being intimate with you.
Humility creates intimacy, pride destroys it.

4. Pride postpones reconciliation
When there is something wrong in relationships, pay attention if pride is not the main cause.
Mark Twain said, "What causes problems in temperament, but pride makes us cling to it."
Shoot well: pride destroys relationships!

REMEDY AGAINST Selfishness: Accept your humanity

"Pride is concerned with WHO is right.
Humility is concerned with WHAT is right. "Ezra Taft Benson
Admit it: I'm not perfect. We all have faults and defects. We do foolish things, make mistakes.
The Bible says: "There is none righteous, no not one" Romans 3:10
We are frail human beings.
Recognize God's Grace: Everything you have you owe to God.
"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights ..." James 1:17
Conclusion: The Bible tells us that pride causes trouble.
Pride makes angels into devils.
"Pride divides men, humility unites them."
(Henri Lacordaire)

The best combat this dangerous defect is to acquire humility, which is when we place equal under God and our brothers. Humility is a virtue that leads the individual aware of their limitations. The humble do not let flattery or praise for the outstanding situation where you are.
Pride destroys the good qualities of spirit, humility helps rebuild ...
The practice of humility is when we seek in ourselves the faults we see in others, to learn everything and everyone that is around us.
We must question our daily acts, checking if they are beneficial or detrimental, and thus reach an important conclusion: to always use a law behavior given by Jesus.
She says: "Do to others what would that make you the next.
With this practice, we will always put in the place of the person who will get our act or our words.
If we like what we hear or feel, we are doing good.
If we do not like, for sure we will be doing evil, and therefore will receive the consequence.
"Silence is sometimes the greatest pride that can be shown." Bjørnstjerne Bjornson
"Be humble to avoid pride, but it soars to attain wisdom." (St. Augustine)
"The wise man is ashamed of his faults, but is not ashamed to correct them." (Confucius)
I do not know ... If life is too short or too long for us,
But I know nothing about what we experience is meaningless unless we touch people's hearts.

God gave the letters: how to play them is YOUR problem.
(from Sandra Mendes on Hotmail)

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